Welcome to The New Age Mama, a website and blog dedicated to loving yourself; shutting up your inner mean girl; providing guidance and insight to helping you become the best version of yourself; and creating wellness and healthy lifestyle changes. I am on this journey with you. Together we will explore the ups and downs of life, open ourselves up to the love and light abundantly available to us, and create a life we are excited and happy to wake up to each day.




“Laura’s not only an amazing friend but an amazing coach. We’ve been “working” together for a few weeks now and I’ve already learned so much from her. I’ve definitely begun to see improvements in my own life. I am now actively using my planner, planning out my weeks & accomplishing things. Most of all, I FEEL better. I’ve gained more confidence by following Laura’s tips & advice. I enjoy having her as a coach because for me, things like advice/tips are easier accepted coming from friends rather than strangers and I for one am extremely honored to call Laura a friend and now my coach. Thanks for everything Laura!!”